Salah – 40 Common Mistakes that We should careful about

Dear Brothers and Sisters!
As Salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu! How are all of you? must be well. I am fine and in nice time that ALLAH give us. However, We are Muslims and Everyday We pray for Allah in Salah. We don’t focus to do nice that.  We should try to make nice our Salah and every prays. Anyways, now I am going to share you a PDF Books that’s name is A Excerpt Dealing with

40 Common Mistakes in Salah

If We read and know about this book I think- We can do nice our Salah. We can save our this very important pray from many more mistakes that’s we did in our Salah past. You can download this PDF book bu just one click. I uploaded this book in my host so Okay, Now go to download and read- I hope- you can do nice your Salah and fix your mistakes that You did in past time.



To Download “40 Commmon Mistakes in Salah” book Just click on Download link below- that is uploaded in my Hosting company. no spamming but nice link so will be nice downloading for you too. just stay with ID. I will come back again with another Islamic matters. Thanks – Goodbye for today.


 Salah - 40 Common Mistakes




  1. Thanks for sharing valuable information in the form of a book. Thanks

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